Our caring Pediatric Dentist and team are here to help before, during and after your child’s appointment to help your child achieve excellent oral health. Diet can really impact oral health, so we have included a few recommendations for our patients and their parents.

Eat a healthy diet and limit snacks. If your child must snack during the day, offer them something healthy, such as carrots or an apple. Save sweets for mealtime to reduce the time sugar is in your child’s mouth. The more time sugar is in the mouth, the more likely it will cause decay in your child’s teeth.

Do not let your child constantly sip sugary drinks, such as juice. Sugary drinks should only be offered at mealtimes, as the extra saliva in the mouth at these times can help protect the teeth against the decay these drinks can cause. If your child needs a drink between meals, we recommend giving them water.

Dr. Harneet also suggests never dipping your child’s pacifier in sugar, honey or other sugary substances, as this will increase the time your child’s teeth are in contact with sugar that may cause tooth decay.

Do not share eating utensils with your child during mealtimes. If you use a spoon for your food, make sure you use another spoon for your child’s food. Sharing saliva may result in shared bacteria that could cause early tooth decay.

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