If your child has serious decay, disease or infection in their mouth, Dr. Harneet may suggest tooth extraction. Tooth extraction may also be necessary to remove unwanted baby teeth. We want your child to enjoy coming to the dentist, so our Pediatric Dentist and team will go the extra mile to make sure your child has a good experience in our office. To learn more about tooth extraction in Lincoln Park, Michigan, call us today!

At Kids First Pediatric Dentistry PC, our Pediatric Dentist may suggest tooth extraction if your child’s baby teeth are crowding their newer, mature teeth. If these unwanted teeth are not removed, they may cause your child’s teeth to grow abnormally.

While our Pediatric Dentist strive to avoid removing your child’s mature teeth, if a tooth is too damaged, tooth extraction may be necessary. If a damaged tooth is not removed from your child’s mouth, it may result in damaged bone structure and serious decay and disease.

Our team strives to make your child’s extraction as efficient and painless as possible. We will also provide you and your child with detailed instructions of how to take care of the tooth extraction site after you leave our office. To learn more about tooth extractions, call our office at 313-386-0570 today!

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